Studio functions as a digital design consultancy capable of collaborating with any team, anywhere in the world.

Matt and Cullan are two of the premier virtual reality designers available; both enlisted as Collab™ Pioneers by Gravity Sketch

The design duo has a unique set of skills to provide product conceptualization, development,
creative direction, multimedia design, and even commissions for personal projects.

Studio is currently seeking clients and collaborators to work with to facilitate an intentional and sympathetic design culture.

VR Design

Matt and Cullan will assist in your design process through an immersive VR design workflow that will bring any idea to life; from initial modeling to rapid ideation, rendering, animations, and creating augmented reality experiences.

3D Printing

With experience in 3D printing at a magnitude of scales, studio is capable of producing prototypes for products, and even more refined designs for commission based projects.

Graphic Design

Both designers are proficient graphic creators and have established a unique workflow through the use of virtual reality in their graphic practice since 2018; with collaborators like Sickö c/o Ian Connor and Alma Mater.


The studio works closely with clients to develop products in a contemporary way; creating flexible assets digitally and physically to be used in a multitude of applications such as marketing, product promotion, and presentation.

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